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Varigo, a small village in the mountains of southern Spain, seems to be a quiet place until a horrible crime arouses the suspicions of those who knew Juan the Unbaptist which in turn become suspects of his murder.

Juan, being a healer and an activist against the Church, is murdered and his severed head is placed in a tray on the desk of the Mayor .Jesús, his cousin and also healer begins to follow clues that lead him to think of a member of the Church such as Padre Tomás as the culprit. The Guardia Civil is investigating la Alcaldesa, el Sargento Ronaldo is delighted by the crime since in Varigo “the Guardia Civil were left with minor problems of quarrels over water, drug dealing, bar fights, quarrels over water, fraud, quarrels over water and decapitation” however, some hints point to the agents in green themselves; and the intense relationship of Juan with women raises suspicion of a jealous husband or a woman scorned. Who killed Juan the Unbaptist?

Parallel to the investigation of the crime we will find the love story of Jesús and Ana, the beautiful relationship of our players with the nature and the emergence of a mysterious Voice that will guide the fate of John and Jesus.

All this takes place in Varigo, a village that becomes protagonist itself as this novel portrays the daily existence of people, institutions, places and landscapes. All the sceneries might be real: “At the Ayuntamiento there were the usual queues of people shouting about unfair parking fines, begging for information about their year-old planning applications which had got lost in the mountains of paper, hoping to see La Alcaldesa about a local bus service for a cut-off village, or proposals for a Hispano/Romanian friendship fiesta and the like”.

But believe it or not this crime story is about Love and the healing power of Love both for the body and the soul. In which way? You’ll have to find out reading Heads I win Tails you lose, a humorous and atmospheric tale taking place in Varigo a town very close to you.

This book is the first of a new crime series so still a lot more of fun to come.

                                         Title: Heads I win Tails you lose
                                         Author: Sulim H Villa

                                         Edition: Paperback

                                         Price 9,99€

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